Search Anything on Reddit

What is Search Reddit?

SearchReddit is a custom made Search Engine for Reddit which helps you find the information you need on Reddit. This website is not owned by Reddit. This is a simple search engine dedicated to reddit. Searchreddit helps you search any topic on Reddit and find the maximum amount of information on that topic from Reddit. It uses google search algorithm to display the top relevant search results about the topic on Reddit. You can also sort the search results by date to find the latest information available about that topic on Reddit

How it works?

Search for any topic you want in the search Engine provided above. The website uses google custom search engine API to match your search results to the posts and comments made on reddit. This allows you to gather more information from Reddit on the particular topic. Once you hit the search button, it might take a couple of seconds to open the link in the reddit app or browser. If you are using this website on a mobile device, once you open the link after making your search you might be asked to choose whether you want to open the link using reddit or browser. Choose the one you prefer to proceed and the website will open the reddit post or subreddit link you clicked on in the reddit website or app. To come back to the search page just press the back button on your mobile device.